Best 🏆 Spying Applications of 2024

Here we have listed some of the top and award winning apps that you can use to spy on any device like iPhone, Android or Tablet/PC/Laptop.

You can use these spy applications to catch cheating partner or to view their snapchat, instagram, whatsapp and Facebook as well. These applications are 100% safe and easy to use so try now.

All these apps are tested and you will get a support as soon as you get one application from the links given below. 


uMobix stands as a comprehensive phone monitoring solution that offers an extensive range of features for users. It enables the monitoring of call logs, text messages, and even identifies deleted calls and contacts. You can view everything whatever that person is doing on their phone or laptop.

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SpyBubble Pro is a phone tracker with 25+ features, allowing you to monitor practically everything on the target device. In addition to Snapchat and other social media apps, SpyBubble Pro lets you monitor calls and texts, track the device’s GPS location, check the browsing history, see YouTube views, and more.

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XNSPY is the most comprehensive phone spy app on our list, with dozens of features that let you see absolutely everything on the monitored device. It let you record calls, track the device’s GPS location, view WiFi network logs, read emails, see phone usage with detailed analytics, and even take full remote control over the device.

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Spyic is a great parental control and remote monitoring app with call, SMS, and location tracking features. While not as robust as mSpy or EyeZy, it still lets you monitor the most commonly used messaging and social apps, like Snapchat, FB Messages, Instagram, Viber, and WhatsApp.

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mSpy is a leading phone spy app designed to monitor and track mobile activities discreetly. It provides users with access to incoming and outgoing calls, SMS and iMessages, as well as popular social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and more.

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eyeZy is a sophisticated phone monitoring solution offering detailed insights into a user's mobile activities. Not only does it allow you to view incoming/outgoing calls, SMS, and even deleted communications, but it also covers a broad spectrum of social media platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, and more. Its advanced tools include GPS tracking, Wi-Fi network monitoring, keylogger capabilities, screen recording, and browsing activity insights.

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With the Location Tracker app, you can easily find someone`s location on Google Maps via any messenger. You don't need to download the app. Location Tracker can help you track a device`s location using WiFi by analyzing its WiFi logger location and pinpointing its place. With the Location Tracker app, you can easily identify whether someone uses VPN or a hidden WiFi network.

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